S'morez – ALREADY KNOW Lyrics

Produced By: Mulletdirt

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[Verse One]
You ain't have a good night
You're still in the bed
I'm cold like ice (ice)
Jump off they won't come along
Those are them niggas that won't see us on
Them bald headed kids don't want to brawl
[?] lost in the day you're not the hulk
Some guys will leave you left in the hood (hood)
I could have some but it's understood (understood)

You already know (x4)

[Verse Two]
He is not born
Enjoy this shit with popcorn
Act nice and i still might hate those
I'm flowing now like volcanoes
This will be the end of discussion
They won't even care
If he's coming
My boys don't have to give nothing
Give instructions
With a puppet

You already know (x4)

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