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Domino motherfucker what's happening?
Ah nigga eat a dick nigga, don't break my
Momma's nice ass table nigga
Yeah fuck that, fuck what they talking bout nigga
Rack them motherfucking dominoes up nigga
Fuck that nigga, just look, look out for the table nigga
Fuck that
Ayo where's Snoop Dogg?
I don't know them niggas went upstairs with that big booty bitch man
Ah no, he ain't busting no nuts on my momma's spread
That nigga up there getting his socks blown the fuck off
Getting his ass chewed out
Better ask somebody
Balls licked up and down
Hell yeah
Ayo what's up with them niggas that was on the TV dissing you?
Man fuck them niggas man, I ain't thinking about that old shit man
Busta ass, HIV pussy ass motherfuckers
Yo yo yo Daz, easy come, easy *Gun shot*

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