Snow Tha Product – Good Nights Lyrics

Produced By: Money Moss

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[Verse 1]
When they play my song, they gonna run it back
And when you see me then you knowing where the party at
Career win, full circle like I call the sacks
To all my high-school haters I’ve been heart attacks
Cause boy I come through, riding on a brontosaurus
And I drink a little liquor cause I’m out here touring
Pass out, so drunk, motherfuckers snorin
Bitches mouth stay runnin so I call em forest
Cause we got fucked up, girls roll the tourist
You would think by now we would act mature
But fuck that, yup yap in a bitch it’s portion
I don’t never give appology I act accordin
To the shots I took and the lines you snorted
I find myself funny but I find you worrying
Now catch myself runnin to a flight that’s boarding

But hey, good nights and bad mornings
But hey, good nights and bad mornings
Hey, good nights and bad mornings
Mornin, mornin, mornin, mornin

[Verse 2]
Let’s get drunk, so we can’t get blamed for shit
Take hella shots till we get the hang of it
A bunch of free bottles, ain’t no sense in wastin it
We be drinkin hela hennesy and blazin it
With hela white boys like Josh n Drake and shit
See this is what you living like when you be makin it
Some people like you and some people be fake and shit
But free week mean free blunts to the face again
I’m going outta this world and I’m back in orbit
I be getting lifted and the weed’s my forklift
We got hela substance and you can’t control it
I be spittin hela game cause I never forfeit
I be spillin hela beer on my fuckin jordans
Woke up with a mess that I can’t afford it

My camera man hovered and he still recording
Go ahead, get this


[Verse 3]
Let’s make a bong out of water bottle
Cause I ain’t bring a pipe but I brought pot though

And the drugs in my rooms I feel like a capo
We in traphouse, but I’ma start a sideshow
Attention all you haters, get upon your job though
I been makin money and I’m like que passo
You supposed to be stoppin it but I guess you not so
Good at what you doin cause I’m getting mars dough
I’ma drive to tijuana just to buy some tacos
Cause I’m on every color and I got the passport
I got my reggie wanna but you walkin out mode
Cause you hela fried so of course we not close
Me and my game tight like a fuckin corset
We get turn together and we hit them stores then
We can buy whatever, cause no money shortage
Now we have to pay for lugagge when our flight is boarding
But hey, good nights and bad mornings

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