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Don't get mad cause the kids like me {*4X*}
Don't-don't-don't-don't get mad cause the kids like me
Don't get mad cause the kids like me {*3X*}

[pre-Verse One - 2X]
Don't-don't-don't-don't get mad cause the kids like me
Don't get mad cause the kids like me {*3X*}

[Verse One]
E'rybody know I got the kids yellin
Don't get mad cause the kids like Soulja Boy tell 'em
And they parents they can't see it, they blind
They wonder why they kids talkin 'bout Soulja Boy all the time (all the time)
They can't understand they ways
They wonder why they son and they daughter got they name on they shades
(On they shades) or why they only wear Bathing Apes
Or why they sit at the computer watching Soulja Boy all day
If you don't get it, it's a movement (a movement)
I ain't sayin that you stupid, you just need improvement (improvement)
They say the records ain't sellin no mo'
Just cause, everybody on the internet hittin download
Now it's my turn to hit (my turn to hit it)
If you don't get it by the end of the song you won't get it (you won't get it)
Real talk, I spit it (I spit it)
I got the kids on lock and it's just the beginning, let's go!


[Verse Two]
Why you mad fo'? (Why you mad fo'?) Why you hatin fo'? (Why you hatin fo'?)
Soulja Boy tell 'em what the streets been waitin fo'
Now I'm signed and it's goin down (down)
Takin over radio, TV, everythang man (man)
Ain't gon' bite my tongue for nobody
If you book me for a show I'ma crank up the whole party
While you listenin to this song, ease your mind
If you don't get what I'm sayin, press rewind
Now right now I'm 16 (16)
But when you hear this song I'ma be 17 and runnin things (runnin things)
Superman, I started that (I started that)
But the biggest form of flattery is just a lot of copycats (lot of copycats)
It's all good cause I'm on deck (I'm on deck)
It's so 'mazing what I did with a mic and the internet (the internet)
New rappers everyday worldwide
No deals, just the fans, and the fans they on my side


[Verse Three]
I'm the kids' favorite rapper (yup) do that damn snapper (yup)
If anyone else can do it I can do it better (yup)
Got the grown folks scratchin they head, they say what's goin on?
What's so special about Soulja Boy, man what's goin on?
This all I gotta say in my rap (in my rap)
When it spread to the grown folks, man it's a wrap (man it's a wrap)
If you hatin better pump your breaks (pump your breaks)
Don't get mad cause the kids fans and they watchin my face
(We love you Soulja Boy~! We love you Soulja Boy~!)
(We love you Soulja Boy~! We love you Soulja Boy~!)

Soulja Boy my favorite rapper
No he my favoriate rapper, NO MY FAVORITE RAPPER!! (YAHHH)

[Hook] - to fade

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