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Zan with that lean
Nuthin but Irene
Hoes going crazy when I'm on the scene

I'm in my zan with the lean
Nuthin but Irene
Them hoes going crazy when I'm on the scene
Racks still on waist, busting out them jeans
I keep the hammer on me, I ain't worried bout a thing
I got all these bandz on me, all this ice on me, all these racks on me
Everything on me
Zan with that lean
Nuthin but Irene
Hoes going crazy when I'm on the scene

[Verse 1]
Gotta go to the mall
I gotta throw a band

Fall off in the club, and I'm leaning like kick stand
Soulja Boy my name
Bitch you know the gang
SOD Money Gang put that shit straight to your face

Boy I got them racks
Boy I got them tats
Album just went platinum, so I got them plaques
Lambo jet black
Bentley fire flame
Soulja Boy in the club
Bitch you know my name
Every where I go

Bitch I'm bout to blow
Ounce of that dro
Smoke it up on low

Every where I go
They takin pictures

Oh my god dawg, I got purp in that swisher


[Verse 2]
Stupid bandz on me
Stupid racks on me

Ridin down I-20, I'm lookin for some freaks
Lil Tony on the beat
Can't forget the camp
Everywhere we go dawg, they knowin who we at
They knowin who we are
Bottles in the car
All I am is super star, I'm smokin a cigar
Everywhere I go dawg, my lambo is swerving
Girls say I look good, I look better in person
Swervin out the lane, smokin up the lane
Standin on that couch, in the club makin it rain
Soulja Boy go hard, bitch I'll pull your card
Niggas dissin SOD, but really ain't got heart


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