SpaceGhostPurrp – I Love Lesbians Hot Lyrics

Produced By: SpaceGhostPurrp

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[Hook 2x]
Yeah I love my lesbians
And my motherfucking chain is a lesbian
Yeah I love my lesbians
I'mma turn your fucking ho into a lesbian

SpaceGhostPurrp i'm a lesbian
Codeine is my medicine
All that shit ain't relevant
Better be talking about lesbians
Tell my ho to take your bitch
Tell that ho "come suck my dick"
SpaceGhostPurrp, I got the swag
SpaceGhostPurrp, I'll fuck your bitch
Strip clubs, two hoes, V.I.P. [?]
And them hoes going to suck the dick
And them hoes going to like it
Nicki is my lesbian
Lola is my lesbian
Nigga I'm a lesbian
Pussy eating veteran
These niggas here is lame as fuck
These niggas don't know how to fuck
Fuck nigga you ain't got the swag
You ain't even got no missus bruh
Put that nigga in a body bag
SpaceGhost chopped and screwed him up
And my chain's a lesbian
Rainbows in my double cup
Yeah that bitch there bad as fuck
Look at how her ass drop
Please send up my stripper hoes
Love it when your pussy pop
Turn your ho to a lesbians
Fuck nigga mad he getting caught
Bitch put up your radio
Blast this shit in a parking lot

[Hook 2x]

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