Stephen Niday – Never Awaken Lyrics

Produced By: Stephen Niday

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[Verse 1: Stephen Niday]
Visions of darkness, their shades are staring at me
Follow me, I'll move the nation like the Serengeti
Confetti blowin' in the breeze, but it's just there to get me
You wanna walk in my shoes? I swear they barely fit me
I'm iffy, indecisive with my life
And it feels hard to deal with strife when a solution's not in sight
I'm throwing out my real and all these rappers do is bite
It's like it's less about the feelings and it's more about the hype
So I toss 'em back in the waters
God bless their sons, God bless their daughters
If you're livin' in the moment like you own it, but you don't, it's
Gonna be twice as hard to buy food for tomorrow
That brings sorrow, we all wanna eat
But you gotta work for that, hurt for that, to succeed
And some nights there was no dinner on my plate
So I prayed, said my grace and ate this knowledge anyway
But now I just spit it up in front of you
Think I'm bulimic, what's the rap game done to you?
I can't face it, what's the rap game coming to?
Is there a solution? Pac, tell me what to do

[Hook: Jameil Moore]
Little white flowers will never awaken you
Not where the black coach of sorrow has taken you

[Verse 2: Stephen Niday]
This is my life, embedded in red fluid
So when I'm on the mic, I gotta put my chest to it
Cause I do it like none of the rest do it
I've never had an O but this is like a transfusion
Bleedin' out my heart, I'm swimmin' from these sharks
I'm dyin' in the ocean, I coulda been on the ark
But it's survival of the fittest, I knew my end was bright
And I'm here today, so I guess Darwin was right
But, no I don't believe in evolution

Just God, and my life is dedicated to music
There's a deceit in the airwaves, pollution
So I remain electric, protected from execution
I'll never die, and if I do, my voice'll stay alive
Bury my body and hardly forget I ever died
Just admit I forever tried
To help hip-hop survive

[Hook: Jameil Moore]

[Bridge: Jameil Moore]
Darling I hope that my dream never haunted you
My heart is telling you how much I wanted you
Gloomy Sunday

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