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[Allen Anthony]
I'm a victim of your madness, girl you make me weak
Your voice is my addiction, I don't know why I feel this way about you
But I listen when you speak, I'll alert it on the streets
And I'm just a fool in love with you, baby
But they don't know the things you doing, is a killer
When you kiss me and feel, it set me free
I guess they thinking we just talking bout the better
I guess they thinking that you shelter me

[Hook: Allen Anthony]
But oh.... will you lay with me?
Oh.... will you taste so sweet?
Oh.... thinking of me, see...
Oh.... what you made to me...

[Allen Anthony]
Uh-uh, when you love me, girl it's magic, our body chemistry
And when you say goodbye, it's tragic, baby it's killing me
Oh, the love, you know, you make it feel we kinda make up
And when we do you know it's ecstasy
I'll forever hoping that we don't break up
They don't understand what they can't see


[Allen Anthony]
Give me your love, love...
Give me your love, love...

[Outro: Afro Samurai Sample - Okiku (Afro)]
It's lemonade, do you like it? (I do)
Good, oh they're beautiful
This is my favorite time of the year, fireworks and the festivities

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