Styles P – All I Know is Pain Lyrics

Produced By: The Alchemist

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[Verse 1]
All I know is pain, all I seen is death
Couple homies and brother gone, when I'm gon' step

I ain't suicidal, damn, my brain need rest
Think about my childhood, pain in my chest

Past is the past, future ain't great
All right in the hood, when any day could be my last

Pop something back, they wanna sue me for my math
Hawk some back, they wanna sue me for my math
Hard bein a gangsta rapper, you don't know the half
You ain't got to condone it but you was never homeless

And you ain't never fast, so you don't know the wrath
To taking a long walk, down the wrong path

All I know is pain, everything I did wrong
I did it in vain, that's why I'm tryna change

Live for my seeds but the game ain't change
Only the strong survive, I will maintain

[Hook] (The Alchemist)
All I know is pain, all I get is pain
All I give is pain, all I live is pain
Only thing I know is mad years in the game
(It's no love, ice cold blood running all through my veins)
All I know is pain, all I get is pain
All I give is pain, all I live is pain
Only thing I know is mad years in the game
(It's more than rhymes, more shine than the diamonds on your chain)

[Verse 2]
What you know about pain?
Blood, sweat and tears where I'm standing in the rain

If I don't blow Mary Jane, I'm going insane
Before I had a car, I was in the fast lane
Drugdealing stick up kid for the neck game, a lot that I regret
But I made it as a rapper, and it's not what I expect
For a fact, this business is more crooked
The boys'll sell they souls to the devil, the Lord looking
See in you hell just in case that we all cooking
I got sins too, lot of foul shit that I been through
The world is God house, I'm just a window pane
Tryna maintain up to the end, yo


[Verse 3]
All I know is pain, I feel so drained
Rap niggas is insane, they on Procaine
What they call hot, I would call so lame
They don't care about the art, and they show no shame
If you ain't getting spins, then you ain't gon' win

But if you came from the bottom, you should stay going in
The Ghost don't make it then the Phantom gon' win
I'ma make the kids richer, make grandma grin


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