Styles P – Araab Styles Lyrics

Produced By: Araabmuzik

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Yea Poovs
Tunnel vision on these niggas
Araab, this shit is crack, Duke salute
My eyes on the prize

[Verse 1]
Phantom but not at the opera (Phantom!)
Death of the doctor
Shotty and chopper, he ain't gunning the whole
Give dineros proper (I'm proper!), certified
Hop up in the whip, you willin' to take the murder ride
Rolling with that Ecuadorians, Cubans, coke emporium
Came up, doing G shit real gangsta historian (I'm a gangsta)

On the real my nigga
I never squeal and I never do no sucker shit
Go out on my shell (I go out)
Shoot my brains out, shoot my heart out

Catch me at the juice bar, pourin a little bark out
Catch me on the mic, just give it a little spark out
I'm electrified, and you petrified

You niggas buggin me, spray a little pesticide
I take face shots, you could put the vest aside
No need for em bloody, you gon bleed for em
You gon be the one to hold his dick when you pee for him
Cuz he paralyzed, look at the barrel size

And I ain't buyin that gangsta shit you advertise (I ain't buyin it)
You a fixable problem
Kill him in Yonkers and dump the body in Harlem (Oohh)
I’m despicable, with a hawk and revolver
Ask the shooter or a carver if the ghost is the hardest (Ghost)
The answer's always yes
So you could fuck around, cause it's always death, waddup?

Yea, should be a hook lemme just pop a little shit right here though
You niggas is nowhere near ready
I can't even figure me out

[Verse 2]
Every rapper reppin' the set, I know they pussy though
Take my knife, stick it up in 'em, like they a pussy hole
Yea I been a boss, but then my cars all verbal
And a hoopty playin' verbal intercourse
Figure it out
It's foul thoughts when I'm reeing up
Cause I don't mean the ball court, when I say they D-in up (they D-in up)
I break the laws, fuck the court of law
Penny never seen, with a dime or a quarter so
And I’d rather die before a dime or a quarter yall
But you could get killed for your motherfuckin Audemar (get killed nigga)
But I ain't got time for time
Dancing in the shadows of the shadows, no time to shine
I take the digits though, you don't get the picture nigga
I'm Samsung, lil' nigga you Vizio
I'm a better show, and a better sound
You don't get the picture for the paper, spread the lead around

Fuck everything Poovs
I ain't even wanna sign off, I'm just rappin'

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