Styles P – Hoody season Lyrics

Produced By: Blak Saun

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Tired of springs cause the weather broke
Yeah money and guns, we go to get them both to spot with my hoody on
Making sure I stay awake, blunt after blunt after blunt
So I stay in
They say money talk so I should have spoke
Mind nigga to the day I die, nigga, to the oath
Old rapper, new rapper, get smoked like the dutchie and the blue rapper
Thats the motherfucking engineer, a nigga harder than me thats send them head
I put the hoody on, pull the drawer strings
Give it a second, you hear the phone rings
And I dont mean the cellphone
Salute to the nigga that call a cell home
You know the goals to hold it down know
Hoody season put a coward on the ground know

Keep it real g, and the hoodies
Pop the shit off, cause its hoody season
Hoody season nigga X 2
Zip up pull over

Keep it G like the alphabet upper case
Your pigs, stay the fuck away

All I know is 4 kilos is a buck a day
This is more than you talk but fuck what a sucker say
Police coming through then its tucked away
If not, 3 words, duck or pay
Airshit, like the night people
You can get it for the low you know the right people
The day times cool but the nights evil
Dream weed, white coke and white diesel
Niggas all up in the mix, niggas used to have grams
Now we all up in the bricks
Polo hoody and the Jordan hoody
Got it down town cocaine.. hoody
Champion and the night hoody
Are all black murder one likely hoody
I got all types of hoodies
Old and the new hoody
Even got the shooters in the red and the blue hoodies

Keep it real g, and the hoodies
Pop the shit off, cause its hoody season
Hoody season nigga X 2

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