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[Verse 1: Suspect Jay]
We all gotta' sleep
But we all gotta' eat, right?
But how a nigga 'posed to eat
When all he do is sleep?
Put it this way, indigo kids with a dream
In dismay, trying to get into the industry
But they put 'em in the streets
Straight ran 'em up a tree
'Till they feel the beat
Now they got a feelin' they could be
The greatest, crew that ever made it
Visions of cribs sittin' 25 acres

Right there on Jamaica
But I'm talkin' 92nd

Trying to make it 'fore they break us
It ain't heaven in the haven
, that's word
That's word to God and my chakras
Can't guide if you block us
Them niggas light blocks up with the blocka
But it ain't nothing that could stop us

[Hook: Suspect Jay]
Is kind enough to have me ponderin'
Wandering at night
Wonder wonder when my time begins so
With a pencil, and a instrumental lit up
I take sips from this cup
And this cup got me up like

[Verse 2: Suspect Jay]
Boom, clap
Repeat it in my mind like a hundred times flat
What it do, give me dap
Give me this, give me that
Silence fill the room
The vibrance of the violence is the tune
The policy the pilot of a fool
A real dude gon' make his own path
Get it, he gon' pass
Counting stacks not Z's so he won't slack

Don't you pull that Glock back
They tell him he gon' pop that
He tells himself he gon' make a mill
Like one day you gon' rock that
You gon' see it all kid
Never lose the key at all

You swerve a couple times
But never pull the E at all

Stimulate your mind
Hydroxyl for the senses

Repent but never let it interfere with direction
Hallucinate, Hallucinogen
Losen the breaks, don't lose the gin
Don't loose your braincells
You sin but pray well

You sip and spit
At the end it pays well

Bitter bankrupt face but, the drain is where all rain dwells
You used to just like music but the shit is in your veins now

Pour it up Pour it up ; all my sins in a cup
A bottle of gin as I'm shoving the pen
Benjamin Frank told me go live it up
I could sleep but, it sounds more enticing to feast
A slumber makes you vulnerable for defeat

So dive in the murky water
And pray to god that the bottom never touches your feet

[Hook: Suspect Jay]
Is kind enough to have me pondering
Wandering at night
Wonder Wonder when my time begins so
With a pencil and a instrumental lit up
I take sips from this cup and this cup got me up
Like x2

[Verse 3: Suspect Jay]
Life got me on all fours
'Cus the rode was feelin' rocky

Copped some something on the rocks
Now feel like nobody could top me

Boy them drugs must got you sloppy
My team define American Mariachi
I dig it more than holes
So he cuts you copy but im here to bust shots till the cops see
Listen when I spit a few bars of the wisdom
Got a scope on the stars and it falls in the prism
My mind speaks freedom in a crib or in a prison
So I gotta bring the heat in the arctic, in the kitchen
Maybe these stanzas enlighten a nigga
Pull your ears from the standard, Mike Tyson a nigga
Maybe what I say might frighten a nigga
The mind of an Insomniac is pretty frightening nigga

Insomnia x10

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