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I know a place where we could go outside and have some fun
Just you and me, together we are one on one
I know you, you remember when we use to chill back when
Smoking the blunt and sipping on the Heineken

[Verse 1]
Long time no see
Whatcha been doing
Is everything alright
I know you know, that I been cooling
Even though, I been out of sight
This time don't leave me hanging around
I want you to love me down
Just you and me, baby you just wait
Let's get together for old time's sake


[Verse 2]
Let's take it slow
Can I have one more chance
To love you, I know that it will be fine
It seems to me that you don't belong to another
And I know, that we were meant to be
You are the only man that I need
Time will tell, you'll see what I mean
Let's have some fun
Do the things that we used to
Oh let's get together just me and you


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