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* Taje of SWV RAPS on this song

[Coko - SWV]
(Verse 1)
Lately, there's seem to be
Some insecurities
About the way I feel
Where I wanna be
But you know, it's with you
No one can do
The things you do
To me
Never to be mistaking
Long as it's love we're making
There'll be no hesitating
You and me
It always will be
And I won't leave
Your side
Cause you know (Love will be)

Chorus: SWV
Right here
Be right here
Right here
Be right here
No fear
Have no fear
No tears
Love is here

(Verse 2)
True love, some don't believe in
That's what just I'm givin'
I'm gonna keep it strong
I'll be holding on
To you
No one can do
Me like you do
It's true
Sure as the sun is shining
Our love will keep on climbing
There's gonna be some rain
Gonna be some pain
But as long as I know
Boy, time will show
Our love will grow
And I know (Love will be)

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: SWV
Won't let go
You should know
This thang is real
No questions
Just listen
Your heart and
Love will be right

[Rap Verse: Taje]
Baby, what's the problem, it seems like we're having trouble
You don't seem to understand
The life I lead ain't double
My heart belongs to you, and only you
And you know it's true
A phony imitation just won't do
Relax your mind, I'm not the kind who runs around and wastes no time
On the fine brothers that just don't compare
I'll be there, I swear, far and near, have no fear
I don't care
You can count on me, I'm right here

Repeat Chorus Twice

Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be (Right here)
Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be
Be right here
No fear
Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be
Love's gonna be (No tears)
Love is here

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