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[Intro: T-Pain]
Ohhhhhhhhh {oooh} yeah {yeahhh}
Ohhhhhhhhh {oooh} yeah

I don't know (I don't know)
Hoes say I'm doin nothin
But it's somethin no matter what I do
You can go (you can go)
Ooo-ooh pack them bags and run it
Get the money girl it's all up to you
I can stay or (stay or)
Frown with all this fussin
And this arguin and cussin at me
Go away or (away or)
Hundreds down to fifties
When them twenties get to bustin you'll see

[Hook 2X: T-Pain]
Baby girl I'm not gon' take all of this
Fussin and hollerin, throwin and tossin shit around
(And you best not throw them) pots and them pans in here
I'm the man in here, you better calm the fuck down

Oooooh now I know (now I know)
All your friends want me and you to break up
To (to make up)
It's for sure (it's for sure)
Oooooh they just player haters
Commentators and them hoes should just (face up)
Cause we in love (love)
They don't want to see us happy
Walkin talkin doin our thang
But hold up (up)
You can't disrespect me
Bitch get out and give me back all my change


Now I see (now I see)
That you and me
Shouldn't be (shouldn't be)
Oooooh it's the end
Cause you gon' let yo' friends tell you how to live
Oooooh now I see (now I see)
That you and me
Shouldn't be (shouldn't be)
Oooooh now it's the end
Cause you gon' let let yo' friends tell you how to live
And baby girl


[Outro: T-Pain]
Ohhhhhhhhh oooooooh
Oooh oooh oooh oooh

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