Talib Kweli – What Can I Do Lyrics

Produced By: Madlib

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(Sample) [Talib Kweli]
[Verse 1]
(Swim in the ocean
And thoughts remain to sail on the sea, yeah
What can I do, but what can I do)
Yo, I try to get it here, get it there, everywhere
(What can I do, but what can I do)
So I spit it clear, persevere, interfere
With the status quo the baddest flow throughout the hemisphere
There ain't no pretenders here, only real men is here
If you see a chick she down to ride like she wanna veer
Better yet the Queen of Sheba, Aretha, Queen Latifah
I'm the boss like Aneisha Reefa

Boss? You ain't my boss? Baby
You don't run shit up in here
I don't know who the hell you think talkin to
I'm gonna take that shit and bounce
I don't know who the hell you think you are
I ain't got no boss

See I call her baby like she 3 years old
When she fully grown so these dudes is pullin' on
She in the club like a stone cover, fully blown
Speaking in the girly tone even though you got a attitude
I can't stay mad at you

(We'll have our quarrels,) word (and you will upset me
Tell me what can I do, but what can I do)
Nothin', cause if I said that I don't need you I was frontin' so
(What can I do, but what can I do)
Nothing, every time you said you leavin' you was bluffin'

[Verse 2]
Back in the days I had dreads like Lil Jon
And got numbers armed with nothin' but a pen and a little charm
Everything I'm saying be littered with observation
So I stand up for the dudes with limited conversation

You looking at a star, it's all in the constellation

Haha. You ain't no star
Haha you losing your mind
I don't know who told you that shit

She tried to tie me up but she can't tie me down
She ain't never cried a tear but she cryin' now
She tried to leave me, coming back cause she can't forget me
I gotta be strong so she can't disrespect me

[Hook 2]
(We'll have our quarrels), word
(and you will upset me, tell me what can I do, but what can I do)
Uh uh uh uh yea
(What can I do, but what can I do)
Uh uh uh yea
Let's, let's go uh
Let's, let's go uh

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