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Grew up in a small town
And I never thought that i'd be right here
I found what I need now for my wondering thoughts
And my head to clear
I dont think ive waken from this dream yet
Thats what I like to hear
I pictured this back when listening to ben and martin there
Down in the basement
I hate that line when im tracing
They say that kid wanna chase it?
Blatant with a great eraser
Cuz I say fuck the racing
Ill get there when I get there
And hoppin bodies in my way is only temporary

And we're getting where we wanna be
I swear im gonna be sticking to martyrdom and see?
Cuz I will sacrifice anything for this principal
Ive been in touch with the inner mind, and a little more
Cuz I got heart and a army of everyone who fight it and still try
For their friends and their family who chasing the starry eyes
And I get it
And I want this thing to spread it
And I hope that life and death meaning, you will never forget it

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