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[Tha Realest]
I hit the murder scene, bringin matches and gasoline
I soaked the fuckin body scene, I'm gleam, heard em scream
I'm so sick when I dream of shit
Me and Swoop G on some Westside dolo shit
Murder for hire, bitch still peelin the baddest before
Ain't no soldiers takin orders, niggas bringin the noise
Release my frustration, my adversaries can't capture me
I do my dirt on the solo then hit the Pacific seas
So all I scream is "Nigga, fuck Chocolate Bandit" gleams, so understand it
I gave too much love to a nigga that's underhanded
If things go the way I planned it
I have this nigga's ass six feet deep and them Junior Nites stranded
Landed off a ghetto bird, I hit the hood
Give me love, nigga what's the word? I'm so absurd
It's easy bein a soldier, nigga fuck what they told ya
Murderin them bastards, no one lives to get older
It ain't easy

[Hook: Tha Realest]
It's easy bein a soldier when there ain't no war
You niggas screamin ain't bitches but we know where they are
Who can I call in my time of need?
My real soldiers down to make you motherfuckers bleed, eternally
It's easy bein a soldier when there ain't no war
You niggas screamin as bitches but we know where they are
Who can I call in my time of need?
My real soldiers down to make you motherfuckers bleed, it's M.O.B

[Swoop G]
We on some get money shit, robbin, duct tape ya like a mummy shit
Cocaine dealer shit, anything to get the money quick
Huh, we out for it, twenty bitches out-whore it
Ten of em married with kids but they niggas ain't knowin
Now she'd die for me, piece of the pie and hit the sky for me
Get on the stand, testify, the whole nine for me
Obviously I'm here to make this here my dynasty
Blast like I was in heat and shine like a dime piece
My girlfriend say I got a big ass dick
But two picks and razor blades is what I'm fuckin you with
I roll doe, forget where you from, to let the world know you a faker
Actor-slash-rapper-slash-studio gangsta
Don't make me take this rappin shit to another level
Have you niggas runnin scared, swearin I was the devil
When this is hell so there's no one for you to tell
It's easy bein a soldier til you hit the warfare


[Lil' C-Style]
When I was young I use ta wanna be a drug dealer
Never had no dreams of bein no motherfuckin rapper nigga
A little youngster with a hard head
I wrote my first first rap with Snoop, talkin bout Half-Dead
That's why we X'd your bitch ass from The Pound
You know they talk about ya and ya still hang around
With the Death Row known gang, Snoop Dogg switched gangs
Talk about the Eastside, who be breakin rules, mayn
On how you do that dirt, witcha long hurt
Bang out dirt, but in the hood you straight skirt
Shiit, I'm on a low-profile, with my paper stackin
Ridin shotgun with the homies gettin blasted
What's crackin? Claimin you's the big OG
Can't come to LBC or on 19th Street
Cold thing about it, I use ta have straight love
I shoulda ran up in your bitch when I knew I could fuck
But the pussy ain't nuttin but a hold in me
And nigga, fuck Snoop Dogg and Master P

[Outro: Tha Realest talking over Hook]
See how we do it on this Death Row shit niggas
Motherfuckers, ain't no shit even goin on and y'all think you some
Motherfuckin soldiers
We're the real ridahs, Death Row Westside MOB shit niggas
The real major business in this motherfucker
And get Swoop G and Lil' C-Style in this motherfucker right here
???? motherfuckin MOB niggas
Chocolate Bandit, haha, we're gonna get in touch wit your bitch ass when we
Get in touch
Believe you nigga
You asked for the wrong thang nigga, hahahaha
We ride, me and my Last Circle niggas, my twin niggas, my terror twins
Haha, young dudes he can't even rinse niggas ever known
Diablo fightin them niggas in this motherfucker, hahahaha
Velace House in this motherfucker nigga
Tha real MOB shit
Big Simon in this motherfucker RIGHT!!
Who can I call in my time of need?
My real soldiers nigga
When there ain't no war....

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