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ThaGeek- M.O.E.(Lyrics)

And it's thageek
Shout out to my girl Alana
Geek squad
And it's thageek!

Forget a pad and pen
I got a touchscreen
Rapping all day
So I call it routine
They say my lyrics be ahead of my age
And my friends think I'm so good that I should get paid
But I don't
But this music is the passion
And if they bring the lights and the mic
I'll bring the action
And I'll just watch their reaction
Taking attention from these rappers
Something like subtraction

Having no distractions
Putting music over everything
Like a fraction
Cuz I'm tryna make big things happen
Cuz it's really more then
Just rapping

And I'm going one direction
Practice makes perfect
So I'm aiming for perfection
I wanna be on iPods
And if they looking for good music I wanna be the selection

They say my lyrics be ahead of my age
They think I'm so good
That, I should get paid
But I dont do it for them type of things
Cuz really
It's jut music over everything

Music over everything
And it's thageek!
Bumping on your freaking FM
One verse one Hearse

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