The Alchemist – The Turning Point Lyrics

Produced By: The Alchemist

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[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
Swab the deck, Indian Ocean
Ibuprofen, pies are broken the safe's pried open
I boasted while the duck got roasted
And posted, my jacket was poached, I provoked it

Fifth on the hip bone
Flip a hippo, then hit the bitch stroll
Wrist glow like, disco lights, Morris Day
Michael Knight, I'm wearing fahrenheit, a rare knight
Bite the pear when it's ripe
The old banana in the tail pipe
The fishscale's white, the hammer's held tight
Didn't polite, we'll snipe the throne out in the turnpike

[Verse 2]
Uh, burn a joint, I'm at my turning point
Tryna earn points, the herb we burnt was turquoise
Maneuver the leg, black lens, metal Medusa head
Le Coq Sportif, leather rooster egg
Triple beam balance between fabric
Established, fucking on a king size mattress
Good with the iron, I'm a blacksmith
Real tactics, resort to pay street taxes
Armani sense at the barber with pimps
A french peppermint, 85 percent's mescaline
I went to sketch the next testament
The nectar was sipped,
I slipped dick in a specimen
Blocks is desolate, we still hustle though (Have a blast)
Move weight, it's conducive to muscle growth
Double the gross, fuck a humble approach, in coach
Light up the roach and spit a bundle of dope
Colorful coats, cope
The gold spirit was evoked, I can feel it gettin' close

You hear that? What's that?

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