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[Verse 1: The-Dream]
Girl you’re so wonderful
Hold me never let go
I love you like that
What we got; phenomenal
I’ll go wherever you want to go
I love you like that

Kill the lights
Kill the lights
Kill the lights
Kill the lights
I want to set fire to the darkness
I want to lay flames right where your heart is tonight
Kill the lights
Kill the lights

[Verse 2: The-Dream]
Take my hand lover
They’ll be no other
I love you like that

[Verse 3: Casha]
Let me take it from here
Talk that shit
Roc me back and forth and now
Let me love you back

[Hook: Casha]
[Hook Repeat: The-Dream]

[Bridge: Both]
Lay your hand on me
Put your heart there on me
Let the fire take us from here
Ignite us
Don’t let them divide us
Every kiss
Every touch
Girl I love you so much
Baby kill the lights
Kill the lights

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