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[Darien Brockington]
I tried and tried my best to keep you waiting
But curiosity has got my heart for sure
And if by chance, this is a chance we're taking
I really wish that you would let me know and
Call... call...
Call... (all you do is)
Call... call... call on me
I tried and tried my best to go without you
But this is something I know we both want to see
Loneliness kills me, lady forgive me
And I know we can form, why won't you talk to me?
Call... call... (why don't you call?)
Call... (call me...)
Call... call... call on me

Yeah, I know I don't stop to show it
But this is real and you got to know it
Got my deck locked and loaded with some Stevie and some Hathaway
On a Friday night that made for a Saturday
Real lonely, it's still only one
That make me quiver when her hands feel on me
This type of thing we need to speak about
We can take our love either route, I'm just reaching out
I'm just reaching out, hear me now

[Darien Brockington]
Won't you call me? Call...
Won't you call me? Call...
Won't you call me? Call...
Call... call... call on me
{*croons softly to end*}

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