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Produced By: The Internet

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[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Been waiting all day for you, honey
Stand up when you're talking to me
Been drinking whiskey I don't know what I'm saying
But god damn I feel free
And I
Feel like I'm out my mind
I'm high
Don't pay attention to downside
As these days go bye, go bye
While we praise no lie, there's no lies
Never would have thought life would end up like this
Designer clothes
, seeing things the naked eye might miss
The mind it wanders, I find that its harder
To realize what the fuck it is we doing on this earth, it's a curse

[Hook: Mac Miller 2x]
Excuse me mister can I get some info
You look pretty wise and I'm, just an ignorant mind

I heard that ignorance is bliss
So it is what it is

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