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Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....

[Verse 1: Ayinde]
I'm yelling fuck 'em, than I told 'em I love 'em
Confessions of a cheater I put secrets inside the rubber
I grab the city by the hair, lust inside the eyes
Her love was mistaken power, goodbye
I'm standing on this water with this candy in my lean
Roses that's from the ground surrounded by all the fleas
We nothing to a city that is falling by the minute
They want me to play lyric gimmicks, money, fucking bitches

I'm engaging the concrete, what's behind the missing door
The kiss of a nigga's more moronic than these liquor stores

Barking at the moon, I'm loving how she howl for me
Marry to the kitchen just a product of my alchemy
Lord please forgive me, I' m trying to pay my dues

Jesus perm was the only weapon niggas to choose
I take money, than I pray it to the top
Now we saying "hail mary" throw the body of the dock

[Hook 2x]
Life insomniac -somniac -somniac
Life insomniac -somniac -somniac
Life insomniac -somniac -somniac
Looking out your window and you witnessing the riot

[Verse 2: Biz Y Casa]
I open up a verse, then I shut it down
You should turn this up, don't turn me down
That L.I, until I die sound, you hammer her time
Like clockwork, thinking this too legit to not work

Jeremy Rose thorns are slicing into your wrists
Haters skin open up suicide door on that bitch
Now, don't go dying on me kid cause life is to grand fam
Even before your kids have two kids
You can lose Orlando, where the Magic is
Defenses foiled like son couldn't hit me in May weather
That shady baby, baby, this city made me crazy
Chasing chips through politics, yeah they lay me down
The earth like my death
, sent my soul to walk up steps
And collect blessings that demons left from the architect
I depict any bullshit you niggas might project
Tennis menace this is my sell at the people, follow the steps

Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....
Let I see go....

[Verse 3: Ayinde]
I am my brother's keeper, I'm still drinking
Forty's while flirting dices with the reaper

To hear another lie, is the reason that my cry
Cause the sin of radios is the reason why they just die

[Hook 2x]

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