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[Verse 1]
My Grand-pops was a man of respect, had to sweat
Just to cash checks working from sun-rise to set

Every day he'd get challenged, no trades or talents
Barely scraped by,
he found faith to balance the straight line
And pace
feeling worn and grey
Poor with four seeds, one more on the way
It was hard days indeed all work and no play
He made sure things on the surface were okay, but
Something disturbin' within his mind was lurkin'

A slight twilight breeze would ease in through the curtains at night
It's like the sermon of a twisted apparition
Was urging him to listen to the train in the distance

At first it wasn't intense, just one little instance
Sure, it didn't occur, he turned to resist it

As if it wasn't much more than just a figment of his imagination but for days it was persistent
And it went, "follow me, follow me. follow me, follow me"
then it got louder
"follow me, follow me, I have something to show you"

[Verse 2]
With time people noticed he was actin berserk
Granny got a call saying he was absent from work
And that was a first

She ran to the pastor at church
To ask him what was up with this disastrous curse

But bad went to worse
He came back three days after, no money in his wallet and his shirt on backwards

Stumbling, walked awkward he called out for his daughter
Right before he split the last lesson he taught her was this
"If you ever have a son let him know that his granddad loves him but by the time that he's grown
Be sure this seed is sown deep down into his dome, don't ever ever walk to the train tracks alone"

With that he backed up reached out for his jacket
Told her not to act up and cracked up laughin'
After all that happened he left never to be seen

Fifteen years later is when my mother had me
Her dad lived a life people can't understand
Went from a, family man to rambling man

A gambling man that burned both ends of the candle
Folded his hand in it was too hot to handle

Sitting on the tracks waiting for the night train
Looking down the road ain't never gonna go back
Listen for the whistle through the wind and raindrop
Who's gonna ride the devil's train tonight? (x2)

[Verse 3]
When I was a tot my mom dropped fables and stories
To warn me of the dangers that were layin before me

To keep it interestin' she would hide the lesson
To guide my direction, provide the right message

In time I developed a sense of her embellishment
Since I was rebellious against what she was tellin me
When I was a teen I pretend-ed that my demons were friends
I defended the place. yo and that was the case
Slurred speech drippin' off of my face
The world creeped as I slipped to the awfulest place you could imagine
Not the average things you see on acid;
My granddad bloody hovering on a speaker cabinet
Laughing in a rasp, he turned covered in maggots
That snacked on his ass with a bone(?), I couldn't grasp it
Did a double dismount off of the couch, flipped out
Broke the closest window I found, then I dipped out
Suddenly, I discovered little voices mumbling up in my head
It had me wondering what was it my mother said
Back when I was younger it had my brain ragged
As I stumbled off of the night towards the train tracks

Sitting on the tracks waiting for the night train
Looking down the road ain't never gonna go back
Listen for the whistle through the wind and raindrop
Who's gonna ride the devil's train tonight? (x2)

[Verse 4]
So there I was, stalking through the dark with a buzz
I figured I should walk that'll ease me off of these drugs
It's like a shark had to keep movin' it's that or be ruined;
If I sat still I was doomed and that wasn't doin'
So I marched through the park slow gone(?) like Donnie Darko
The sparkle of the starlight, glowed like charcoal
Despite my demeanor
The night seemed more serene than a morphine fiend in a morgue, it seemed
Like I lost it, that was when my grand-pops carcass emerged from the dark
Gurggling his words of carnage, but he couldn't talk
Something about the birth of sadness
I scurried off, I was on the verge of madness
I raced fast pace in the landscape was strange like a plane parallel to this one but rearranged
Came to a slope to a steep, beggin' for sleep
As I climbed up taking my focus off of the creeps
Within the foggy distance I saw a silhouette that got bigger as I stepped
The train tracks were wet, I saw a shiny grin from afar like it was happy
This is what he said as he started to walk passed me

"It's a nice night for a walk, would ya mind if I joined you?"

"Do what you wanna do"

"Well that's great cause I'm going to
And not to annoy you but see I really have to ask
What a young dude like you's doin out by the tracks? *you waiting on a traaain*"

"Nah man let me explain
I'm mindin' my business so maybe you should do the same
I just been a witness to something sick and sadistic
So twistedly disgusting you should feel real lucky you missed it."

"Ooh easy with the tongue son, try to listen carefully
What you seen's scary but nothing can compared to me
I could show you things that paint all your dreams haunted
Or I could make you scream if I wanted

Or I can be the bee in your bonnet, your best-friend forever
Two peas in a pod flocking like birds and a feather

And you never have a need to beg work or steal
If all this sounds worth it then lets make a deal
All you want in life for price of your soul
All the money you can fold, power that you can hold
I'll put you in control, only if you're down to roll down these train tracks tonight."

"But where we gonna go?"

Sitting on the tracks waiting for the night train
Looking down the road ain't never gonna go back
Listen for the whistle through the wind and raindrop
Who's gonna ride the devil's train tonight? (x2)

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