The Roots – Rising Down Lyrics

Produced By: Questlove

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[Intro: Dice Raw]
Hello hello hello hello
Hello hello hello hello
Hello hello hello hello
Hello hello hello hello

[Mos Def]
Every anywhere heights plains peaks or valleys
Entrances exits vestibules and alleys

Winding roads that test the firm nerve
Fortune or fatal behind the blind curve

The engine oil purr, lights flash to a blur
Speed work through the earth make your motor go scurrr
Tonight at noon watch a bad moon rising
Identities in crisis and conflict diamonds
Blinding staring at lights 'til they cryin'
Bone gristle popping from continuous grindin
Grapes of wrath in a shapely glass
Ingredients influential on your ways and acts
Zero tolerance to raise the tax
It don't matter how your gates is latched
You ain't safe from the danger jack

Made it way before they made the map
Or a GPS this is DEF leader

[Hook: Dice Raw]
I know where I'm goin even when it's dark and being led down that road
Hello hello hello hello
You don't see that somethings wrong earth's spinnin outta control
Hello hello hello hello
Everything's for sale even souls someone get God on the phone
Hello hello hello hello
Northside nigga Southside
Hello hello hello hello
Shits poppin off Worldwide
Hello hello hello hello

[Black Thought]
Between the greenhouse gases and earth spinnin off its axis
Got mother nature doin back flips
The natural disasters

It's like 80 degrees in Alaska
You in trouble if you not an Onassis
It ain't hard to tell that the conditions is drastic
Just turn on the telly check for the news flashin

How you want it bagged, paper or plastic?
Lost in translation or just lost in traffic?
Yo I don't wanna floss I done lost my passion

And I ain't trying to climb, Yo I lost my traction
They makin' me break, my contents under pressure
Do not shake, I'm workin while the boss relaxin
Here come Mr. Taxman, he leavin a fraction, give me back some
Matter fact next pay check it's like that son
I'll fuck around and have to hurt a few men
They probably chalk it up as a disturbing new trend, Hello


[Styles P]
Should I say 'hello' or should I say that 'hell is low'
Am I nigga or a niggero? I'm an African American
They sell drugs in the hood but the man, he move the medicine
He'll prescribe you all meds for everything
A little stuffy nose tell you get some Claritin

You know I'm hip to it and its hard to claim the land
When my great great great grands were shipped to it

Look at technology: they call it downloading
I call it downsizing; somebody follow me

Does a computer chip have an astrology
And when it fuck up could it give you an apology (Could it?)
Should it say hello or should it say goodbye

Try to understand how smart and how hood am I
It don't matter though
Until we learn that the world don't turn right
We all oughta scatter though


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