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Come on we gonna do it like something like this baby
Break it on on down
Come on


Ah yeah
See that's how we do
We get funky up in this sweet set
We gonna drop something like this
Get my funky drum on the side
And I'm right there, like grandfather noise
Check it cuz i'm known for the..


Ladies and gentlemen you are now witnessing the incredible



So clap your hands to what he's doing
Come on
Come on
Give the drummer some
Come on
Come on
Give the drummer some
Come on
Give the drummer some
Come on
Give the drummer some

See ya'll don't know what ya'll doing out there
But i'm about to give the drummer some
Some of this funky powerful soul that i got up in here
We gonna drop a little taste of this
We gonna put some bass in your face
And we gonna kick it like this


Have you got my man on the horn?
He left some for the trumpet
We got the funky drummer
And then we gonna get my man on the upright
He about to get busy
Drop a little taste on em


Heh! see that's how we do it?
We come correct from '94
Know what what i'm sayin' baby
Cuz we that got right there on the side
We got the roots on up in the house tonight
You know what i'm sayin'?
This is how we get funky, improvisational style
You know what i'm saying baby doll

Off from the top
Not from the bottom
Not from the middle
Thats how we do it, check it out

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