The Wow – Whittier Blvd. Lyrics

Produced By: Balthazar Getty

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I got the swagger of a litigator
Major business
You would think that I'm a business major

From a smaller town but now I'm gettin' bigger paper
Business meetings
Eating dinner with them nigga haters (yeah)
Because they know that they can never fade us
Talkin' all that blazay blah
I'm like yeah, yeah whatever PAY US

Headed to the top I'm ridin' on them elevators
And when I get there push the button on them detenators
Because a nigga 'bout to blow up
Quarantine the building every time a nigga show up
You know what
My creez so sick it makes me wanna throw up
Am I the badest, and the meanest, and the coolest

My life is a movie I'm livin it widescreeen
Overnight flights on the red eye my nigga no visine

That GMOD music gettin out my dreams
Connected like WiFi
You getting that live stream?


This shit is all that I know
Spit these flows and get this dough 2X


Comin down and I'm ridin'
Damn right I'm ridin'
Comin down and I'm ridin'
Damn right I'm ridin'
Comin down and I'm ridin'
Damn right I'm ridin'
Comin down and I'm ridin'
Damn right I'm ridin'


Ask my homey TC
Ask my homey BG
We be doin it big screen
IMAX that's 3D
Real life no CG

Don't act like you don't see me
I be smokin that Spielberg
Like I cut the finger off E.T

Back it up girl beep beep
I'mma give ya that skeet skeet
Then I give ya that two times
Then I give ya that three-peat
After that then it's deep sleep
My time isn't cheap freak
So I'm out
And it's on the low
I'm like TLC
Cuz I creep creep

[Talking: KO THE LEGEND]

Look I know, I know I got of topic a little bit
But these beat is too creez man
I had to swag it out a lil bit



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