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[MC Rimmer/Verse 1]
Time is measured on a clock
Bags or expensive alcohol on the rocks?
But life knows no time
Only the beginning, end, and prime
I'm just kicking the philosophical rhyme
Life brings many things, the birds chirp and sing
The sun goes up and down
The kids play, laugh, cry, and frown

[Verse 2 - IATG]
I'm from the uptown, inspired by towns that are run-down
I'll represent to the full amount till I've got my crown and gown
I hear frightened shrieks on the wildest streets
The leaders with their lie regime don't understand what lies beneath
They pile up heaps of garbage instead of supplying knowledge
And stray away from important topics like a partridge, fuck college
Sending mixed messages more concerned with their possessions
Check who's got the checks and the leverage, it's a small percentage


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