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Verse 1
I used to be a lonely boy, never had no one
Real lonely, like a living breathing black keys song
Until one day I met a monster with no name
He said let me make a home inside your brain then you'll feel no pain
Only two conditions, your name becomes mine
This body becomes ours, then all mine in due time
I said fuck it, its not like I have no pride
Then I heard a voice whisper soon as I let him inside
It said

Chorus (Cee-Lo)
Did you know I could be, a would be, killer
If suddenly I should be, I would be, killer

Verse 2
It was just like he said, all my pain disappeared, it felt like I was reborn this year
I used to be the kid that world couldn't hear, now suddenly I'm the one that everybody fears
I hate every bitch in my school, I wanna run away, I swear to god I'm done
Just kidding, I killed every one of them fools, it's real easy to do with a locker full of guns
I guess I'll get my parents too, I mean what the hell do they really do
Gotta kill everyone that knew my name cuz the monster said it's just me and you
If I don't kill he gets bigger and he'll eat me up alive
So that means everyone around me is gonna have to fucking die

Chorus (Cee-Lo)
Did you know I could be, a would be, killer
If suddenly I should be, I would be, killer

Verse 3
Now there's nobody left, everyone is dead
The monster's getting bigger now he's filling up my head
There's no one to fill his appetite, starving, so his head ain't wrapped too tight
And I'm the only one that's here so it looks like I’mma be the snack tonight
He swallowed me from the inside like he had something to gain
But the irony is I was the last one who knew his name
And he cares...
(Cee-Lo) So I may still get my share
So I might still get my share

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