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Passion takes hold when I’m kissing your lips
Love takes over when you moving your hips
This may be a little corny, but, hey, it’s what grips
You aren’t a waiter, how you did get those tips?
Honey come here and let me ride those curves
It’s grade A the way your body swerves
Be just mine, don’t give them dudes a turn
Or I’ll have to turn out like Usher, let it burn
Come to the crib, we can rendez-vous
It’ll be one big party, entrez boo
Well, I fight this battle, it’s over you
Come take a seat, this ride’s meant for two
Let’s go to Paris, take you to the Eiffel Tower
Call you up, more than just every hour
I’ll eat it like Danny, that ain’t just between us
I will find you someday, take a train or a bus

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