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Yeah, Hypnotize Minds
Three 6 Mafia, Academy Award Winners
Chamillionaire, we stronger than ever, for real
Da last to walk
It's goin' it's goin' down

I stay doe boy, doe-d-doe boy fresh
Yeah, fresh, fresh, fresh
Now what I is boy
Dope boy, doe-d-doe boy fresh
Yeah, fresh, fresh, fresh
Now what I is boy
Dope boy, doe-d-doe boy fresh
Yeah, fresh, fresh, fresh
Now what I is boy
Dope boy, doe-d-doe boy fresh
Yeah, fresh, fresh, fresh
Now what I is boy

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
Another day another dollar, another night to make a ho holla
I pop her cherry then I pop my collar
I pop brand new tags off of brand new clothes
Brush my hair back and kick the ho out the do'

Flip a coin see which ride I'm pullin' up out the garage
Wireless transmitters send the bump from my i-pod
Pull a pack out and fill my body up with sin
Ten o'clock at night but my day has just begin
Oh-seven Murcielago with the wings out
I usually never drive it but I heard the hoes out
Fresher than a mint leaf, smellin' like a coca leaf
Center of attention, hoes smilin' cause they wants to be


[Verse 2: Chamillionaire]
Hey, streets know how I gets my grands
Try to snatch it better switch ya plans
Pull a stack out my Dickies pants
Slap a hater with my business hand

Keep a spare for that clip that jam
Money like Mike and pimp like Ken
Put some chrome under the big sedan
And I pimp it better than Xzibit can
And they impressed by how my ear lookin' Aquafina clear
If you don't like it come dispute it do ya best to disappear
Yeah, you know what it is don't call me Chamillionaire
Now the world gotta address me as the hustler of the year
I'm the man to respect, I'm demandin' respect
Or I'm commandin' that cannon through that damage to chest
Ain't a hustler or another on the planet as fresh
So when I lift up my royal hand my pinky ring should get pecked


[Verse 3: Juicy J]
My cars inside peanut butter outside jelly
Flickin' twenty-sixes drankin' drankin' on my celly
We takin' real orders, talkin' codes on that telly
We choppin' up that dope like a butcher in a deli
You know that purple kush leave yo clothes all smelly
But if you slangin' pound then ya pockets should be swelly
I'm ballin' till I'm fallin' just like the movie Belly
I'm always stayin' strapped for you niggas that be petty
Tote a nine, nine, nine on the grind, grind, grind
I shine, shine, shine jewelry blind, blind, blind
The time, time, time yes it's prime, prime, prime
I'm takin' no retracts cause it's mine, mine, mine nigga

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