Timbaland – Release Lyrics

Produced By: Timbaland

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Hey!! Clap

[Justin Timberlake] + (Timbaland)
I need you girl
Hey, I really need you
I need you girl (Let me tell you somethin)
I think I'm getting a charge (yeah)
So here the party goes (yeah)
With all my G's in the back (yeah)
Who needs a bodyguard (yeah)
I think I need to...

[Hook: Justin Timberlake]
Release! I'm out of control, I'm out of body
Release! I'm out of Patron, who's here to party
Release! I'm out of control, I'm out of body
Release! I'm out of Patron, I'm out of - (wait a minute!)

{OHHHHHHHH} (yeah)

[Justin Timberlake]
I push the party starts (yeah)
Haters can't even see me (yeah)
We flame the party hard (yeah)
I think I need to...


Who pumps the parties right
He keeps the party movin
The club is overpacked
But this can't wait 'til mornin (yeah)

[Justin Timberlake]
We've got a video (yeah)
I think we're late for our shoot (yeah)
We at our video (yeah)
Hey - these girls they cute! (yeah)
They want me to do my part (yeah)
But first I gotta...


Pump it...
Get funky~! {*2X*}
Uhh, get busy
Don't stop now..

Funk, c'mon now girl, get close to me
Work your body {*3X*}
Tell somebody!
Work your body {*2X*}
Dance (ahhhhh-ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhhhh-OOH)
Dance (ahhhhh-ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhhhh-OOH)

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