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Call me "Mr. Bachelor".......but
It's your attention that i wanna capture
I'm like a star ...and glow in the dark
Maybe if we touch we'll create a spark

First thing that I do when i wake up in the mornin
I get my cereal and get the milk a-pourin
This food is my energy (calorie!),
But wait--soon, they'll be nothin but a memory

I pick up my bags, and I hit the GYM
I jump on the treadmill and run--I begin
Energy is heat, and sweating's forreal
When I get really hot, that's how I deal

I see a cute girl, "I think we have chemistry"
She says to me "Got kinetic energy?"
With a slap *BAM BAM* , the energy is transferred,
Hand to face, its so frickin absurd!

She gives a smile, "before you pursue.."
"Theres an 'I' in 'chemistry', but theres no'u'."

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