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Produced By: Wizzy Wow

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[Tinie Tempah]
Please don’t tell the bishop I’ve been sipping on some sizzurp
Got a dirty chick named Liz who use her tongue just like a lizard
I don’t even know the difference between Halloween and Christmas
I’m ? meets Harry Potter, I’ma muthafucking wizard, ha
Reporting to you live via satellite
Or in a sex tape with a girl who say she camera shy
Helen Bonham Carter man, you speak, she ain't actin’ right

Your niggas dicks sound pussy: hermaphrodite
Been partying for 4 weeks, hope them papers never saw me
Hundred thousand dollar whip but still nobody will insure me
Having orgies in the ?, bitches tryna Jersey Shore me
I ain't leavin’ Las Vegas, you gon’ have to come deport me
Ha, rum-pum-pa-pum, we at the Bacardi table
A couple girls of live coke, we call em Charlie’s angels
December, January, February, March and April
Disturbing London baby, fuck them other nasty labels
Hickory, dickory I just had an epiphany
Why’d I call myself Tinie, if I keep thinking about bigamy
They put me in rehab, I’ma go jail for polygamy

Ding dong special delivery
This a moment in history

News just in, another number 1
Ask the club for 20 bottles and a couple blunts

Hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come
I’m a muthaf-ckin lucky (boiii)
I’m a muthaf-ckin lucky (boiii)
Look at the muthaf-ckin lucky (whoa)
Hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come
I’m a muthaf-ckin lucky (boiii)

[Big Sean]
Don’t fuck a man when I pass by
I’m pass high, that Tinie shit, might pass out
I p-p-p-ick that money up then dash out, condo bigger than your dad's house
Holding big ass bags of weed, look like I’m finna' take the trash out
Head so good I don’t need to fuck
20 fucking bottles I don’t need a cup
Looking like I’m bar tending, chillin somewhere thats off limits
VIP I’m all in it, me and my crew was all winning
20 cars thats all tinted, vroom, vroom, that shit calls bitches
Hoes jumpin’ for my balls
Man,the ref just might call goaltending

Boi, bitch I do my thang
Got all these bad bitches trynna do my thing
I made a promise that I’m never going broke
Fuck a rainy day, I ain't never gonna soak
Watch me take a little bit then flip it into mo’
Niggas flippin’ out tryna touch the shit
Then I turn your ass to a ghost
Rolex is my ticker, I’m off that liquor than lick her
Her panties slippin’ and sliding, I’m in that pussy no wiskers
Oh thats your girl, my bad my nigga, come get her
She probably answering the door, wearing my slippers

Boii I do it


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