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[Verse 1]
Uh, and I don't know what the fuck you think is going on here
These boys ain't on shit
One of a kind when I'm rhyming, fuck how them chromes spit
And I'm on my own shit
That hanging you over a bridge until you defecate, then I make you eat your own shit

Bitch I don't own shit
So I'm coming through mobbing, I'm robbing leaving you with nothing, I'm thugging, like I'm on that Bone shit

That's why this easy, mind fast like 3G
You niggas half of my ass, bitch I'm cash I just 3G
I, come from the gutter, the grime the mud and the rocks
You get more then a hole in your socks, big busting of shots
Been through everything you'd imagine, and lots worse
Writing bout' that drama, mama like boy you do not curse
Now your back handed compliments, is condiments
Ketchup, I mustered up the strength to go forward and put my best up
So may yo', next best opponent who's ever next up
Relish in the moment, because they gon' probably be the next cut, huh

And I give a fuck about the beat, I'm just talking my shit, this for the streets
And I give a fuck about the beat, I'm just talking my shit, this for the streets
And I give a fuck about the beat, I'm just talking my shit, this for the streets
And I give a fuck about the beat, I'm just talking my shit, this for the streets

[Verse 2]
Living legend, hold up now Lo' be modest
But even if I tell you I'm the hottest, I'm still being modest
Mississippi I got us, honest to god I promise
Stand and deliver on these niggas, ya'll ain't got the goners
I'm as excited about this shit as ya'll
Been watching this game all my life, and now I get to ball
When G.P.T. was getting O.P.T. they all thought it was dumb to pick us
Till they seen a real monster, Oblina, Krumm, and Ickis
I talk the slickest, turn a scholar to a simpleton
Cool as Jack Nicholson, skilled like Phil Mickelson, uh
That mean I swing left, on tour like PGA
Raising all these funds made me president of PTA
And this shits an easy A
These niggas faking kid let's not and say we did, like shorty on Easy A
And I see them hoping and wishing, like Tito please be gay
Carpe Diem, my dick the Diem she gon' seize the day


[Verse 3]
Nigga this is really me
And the flow is immortal, so killing me like having a smooth contest with Billy D
If I gave a damn about what I said, then I probably would say it
And if I gave a fuck about your album, I probably would play it
And before I put this price on your head, let me count this money
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, now pay it
Label OK if my CD drops and the day it hits your bitch like a fist ? but this is my favorite shit
Slip into something more comfortable, bitch you just a loner
Lisa like Mona, go slip in a god damn coma
Me so hot, you so mesothelioma
She lost her morals, but she gave me oral, now she's a goner
Originality's missing, they trying to buy more
Signing everything under the sun, trying to get my flow
Like, how can we get hip-hop back? Don't worry I know
Let these animals loose like nobody from Ohio, huh

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