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[Hook: Tracy T] x2
Started with 16, nigga
Now I've got a hundred P's, nigga

Migo came and drop a ton, bitch
Made the profit, gave it to my mom

[Verse 1: Tracy T]
Nigga came and drop a ton
Nigga I got a lot of ones
Lot of twenties, lot of fifties, lot of hundreds, lot of guns

Started, with an L bow
Thank God for the truck loads
Pockets only going crazy like whoah nigga
I got platinum like my jury fuck em gold digger
Whoah, Quarters used to sack 'em up
Zips I used to sack 'em up, now the driver backin' up
Bad bitch she bustin' bells weight on the scale and bag em up
Nigga try to rob, I gave 'em hell, the choppa backed him up
Bang bang bang bang! Just another toe tag
Got it all up off a bag

[Hook: Tracy T] x2

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Started with a 16, now I've got a hundred P's
I was dead broke, i used to pray to get a hundred ki's
Posted on the corner, ounce of coke in my dungarees

Watchin for the [?] tryna sting us like bumblebees
Leanin' off that pro-meth
Hundred bands ain't no sweat
Go and tell a hommie nigga, fuck your club
Fuck your body you ain't got no check
Cause my niggas ball
Ball like there ain't no ref
And these niggas flat tops, blow my whistles
Call for a pound though it ain't no text
So it ain't no shop
Brand new coupe with a see through roof
But it ain't no drop
Hold up
There ain't no drop with a see through roof?
So there ain't no top
Cause i've got panoramic views
Put your men up on the news
And i put you up in a hearse
And leave your family with the blues, nigga

[Hook: Tracy T] x2

[Verse 3: Tracy T]
Hold up, what’s you doing nigga?
Whole thing for 33, that's Patrick Ewing nigga
Same bitches that ain’t laugh when I told a joke
Now I can talk a hundred thousand out their pussy ho
I slamp dunk it with my migo, throw that alley-oop
30 footer I can show a nigga how to shoot
Yeah they talking 'bout who is T? But who the fuck is you?
Thousand dollar suit
I gave my mom all of the profit nigga
Next trip I bought some diamonds clear as vodka nigga
Vacheron, gold Rollie or an A.P
Started with a pound now got a thousand pees

[Hook: Tracy T] x2

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