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(Verse 1 : Xavier)

Here stands Martin Mcfly. Back to the future in my Lamborghini ride. Nikes on the feet. Keeping tht cypher complete. Tm can't be beat. 96 Bulls of the rap game. Nobody knew my name untill tht mixtape dropped bringing hella fame. Still the same tm droppin all the flames.Jordan 15's on thts nothing. Why you always fronting. I be stuntin im faded or jaded. Watching movies till i fall asleep. It seems im on top the world in my dreams. Im like a jigsaw puzzle never complete

( Verse 2 : Jordy)

Watchin cartoons on tv, got these females on their knees, we throbbin and mobbin like batman and robin killin the beat , nt really used ti defeatl u better believe that we in there league our swag is complete wit jordans on our feet cuse im Finest rapper of the century Golden Accessories. All these fine women wanna get next to me This fame get me everything free
Used to rock guess now im rocking clothes that
Ain't in stores yet

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