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(Trey Songz)
(Lil' Wayne)
Don't love me, don't love me, baby don't love me. alright
(Trey Songz)
Say she wanna do her own thing
Fine as fuck an' she ain't tied to no man
Head it up, and there's a party
Spending weekends in the tropics
Just to catch that even sun tan

Fast cars, fast love and a slow fuck
Shorty running game, so I never had to coach her

But, when you're getting money
You just don't know who to trust

Getting her open, but she hoping that the rubber bust

[Pre-Hook 1: Trey Songz]
Pussy on my dick
Money on my mind
You know what it is
Get yours, I get mine

I love the way you feel girl
Plus your kind of fly

Once I get this ticket it needs your ass up on the flight. oww

[Hook: Trey Songz]
I know you say you hear this all the time
So I won't start to saying that you're fine

Never was too good at being friends
So, we can fuck like that's gon' be the end
We only in town for the night
So, let me lay your body down right
Never was too good at being friends
So, we can fuck but that's gon' be the end

So don't love me, don't love me
Baby don't love me, don't love me
Baby don't love me, don't love me, baby don't love..
We can fuck but that's gon' be the end

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
So go and take a shower girl
Say that cab pulling up in 'bout an hour girl
She say trigger can you hit one more time
'fore I dip, I'm like yeah, I'mma wear your sexy ass out

She still want it, time flies
She's still on it, cab's outside

I fly you back up, you can rack up on them air miles
Before you leave, need to see what that head 'bout

[Pre-Hook 2]
Pussy on my dick
Money on my mind

Girl, let's make a flick
Pull them panties to the side
She's somebody girl, but I got her in the ride

Say that she ain't want it, but it's dripping down her thigh. oww

[Hook & Refrain]

(Trey Songz)
And it ain't nothin' to it
Ain't no crying, ain't no boo-hooin'

Each and every time, shoot that pussy in the mind like a finish line
And a nigga run right through it

Anytime of the day
Anytime of the night
Anytime on the watch, that's so bright

That's right don't need no lights, that pussy tight
I stretch it right out,

(Lil' Wayne)
Yeah, and when we fuck she say it's all mine
I say girl you just saying anything

They say till death do us part
I say damn, life's a bitch without a wedding ring
Yeah, she say she love me but she know I'm social
Girl, don't hold just want that pickle, but everything's kosher
She wanna go to wayne's room and kick it with them locals

That pussy deep, I snorkel
She crazy about me, loco
Yeah, that pussy get ate, ocho
Yeah, we high as kc and jojo
Yeah, kisses and hugs
I fall off my skateboard, I don't fall in love

[Hook & Refrain]

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