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[Verse 1]
What ever happened to Lil Scrappy
I used to like that Money In The Bank song

Until I heard about Parlae doing him wrong
What ever happened to Kilo, the jackass burned his house down
Went did a beat, came back, went, tell him that, got his style on
What ever happened to the Shop Boyz, party like a rockstar
My partner told me bout' them, said they back to poppin' cars

What ever happened to his spot, they used to be on top
See the bullets came down, what ever happened to Big Block
Studio, went hit on Cleveland now what's happening with Big Block
? what's happening with Lil Block
Now I can't say nothing bout' Joc, the homie bossed up
But what's happening with Zoe
Heard he was short on dough

My partner said his dogs crossed him out on everything
Don't worry bout it Young Rap just keep doing your thing
And Gucci told me bruh, I went and bought another chain
Just to flex on niggas like Brisco
Where's Brisco?

I know these niggas who talking to much ain't getting dough
Do you remember Wooh?
You probably be like who?
And Drama, he rapped that Left, Right, Left
Nigga went down the road and opened up his bottom shelf
On some sweet shit, that ?, as long as you give me something to eat
And a fee, shit
That's some deep shit
What ever happened to 50, I thought he'd win the battle
But Ross came out on top
And he used to be a cop

But 50 got the most guap, so he probably laughing back
What ever happened to Kuntry King, ain't shit he laughing at
His song was the baddest bitch
Alfamega the biggest snitch
I feel like T.I.P. would've been better repping this duct tape shit
And this is only how I feel, I must keep it real

Just like I feel, most of these rappers hoes for real
Just like I feel, you try with Trouble, you gon' get killed
Now that ain't something that I feel
That's the real deal
And Soulja Boy say that his speakers going hammer
Heard he was snorting powder with prostitutes on the camera

I just got out the slammer, and sick of the lies and scandals
Why Alley Boy ain't made it major yet, I see pattern
Sounding like pussy niggas who done faked it till they made it
First black told Alley to save it till we made it
I said let's get it baby
Let's get it baby, I still don't show no mercy
Still the same nigga who will bust pistols ?
So I ain't gon' spare none of you rascals, every moment captured
I'm gonna speak my opinion and hope you niggas get offended
Free Lil Boosie, what up to Yo Gotti
Ain't too many niggas I fuck with, it's a duct tape party

I got questions, where some of these niggas been
I been wondering, where some of these niggas went
I'm just wondering, don't blame me I'm just wondering
I got questions, where some of these niggas been
I been wondering, where some of these niggas went
I'm just wondering, don't blame me I'm just wondering

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