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Maestro bring it right here, this is my queue
I'll have a scotch on the rocks also, thank you

I'm giving you a white Christmas
It ain't no secret, I got blow
All my kilos glisten, I'm the shit in the kitchen
It's true but you already snow (powder)

I'm giving you a white Christmas
With DJ Holiday and I
May your yay be shimmery and well-priced
And may all your Christmases be white

Merry Christmas everyone!
And happy New Year
I think I'm gonna do something special in here tonight
If you don't have a copy of Books in my Backpack 3, I've got free ones for everyone
That means you, and you, and you over there with the red dress
Powder loves you baby
It's holiday season!

Merry Christmas everyone
Powder for everyone!
Cocaine for everyone!

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