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[Verse 1]
I hit the block and all you see is some shiney shit
You can't look my way too long cuz it'll blind you quick
Everythang I drive, betta believe it's chromed-out
I bet ya say "Damn" when I stick my arm out
Where you get the watch from, that bitch is bad dawg
I love to stunt, and show my ass off
I'ma Hot Boy, a lot of niggas hate that
Like a bitch they jealous and they can't take mack
Why I rap so much? Cuz I be wit Baby
The #1 Stunna, who raised me
Juvey, Wayne, B.G., Mannie Fresh, is my clique
We all paid niggas, six figures wit workin (?)
Bank account swollen, bet you can't fuck wit it
I show you and you be like "No no he didn't"
I'm thuggin and I'm blingin at the same time homie
But niggas who get poppin', think I'm runnin' em homie

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Im'a a stunna, repper thuggin at the same time
Hot Boy, hot like pepper at the same time
Bling bling it, I shine on at the same time
Who team, ridin' on chrome at the same time

[Verse 2]
Whoever say I stunt too much they just mad
But I could give a fuck they could, kiss my ass
Long as I got it off flossin', nigga respect it
You wanna know how much my diamonds cost, then forget it
Two-thousand and one everythang we drive gonna be stretch
Stretch Benz, stretch Jag, stretch Corvette
I know you gon' let me do what I do and just watch
Kids play people when I pass up the block
Lil' Turk on fire, burnin up, I'm too hot
I'm jealous of myself, I need ta be stopped
I run wit a clique of niggas, real niggas, and sharks
O.G's and convicts, the street smarts
I learn from the best about every damn thang
How to stand tall cuz I'ma let my nuts swang
Drink Crissy, Vodka, and Ruby at the same time
Keep a nine, niggas try to do at the same time

[Hook: repeat 2X]

[Verse 3]
I love to floss but ain't no secret I'm a stunna
Ride top of da line, Bentleys Lams and Hummers
Benz, Lex cool but we on some other shit
Helecopters and jets is what I'm talkin bout bitch
Young nigga surrounded by ice
Livin the life
Went from doin bad - to doin real nice
Went from sittin - low, to sittin high nigga
Use to have six, now I got nine nigga
A lil' rich nigga, Cash Money HB
Gotta lil' somethin' alot niggas hate me
It's all gravy, I'ma get mine dawg
Until the day I day I'ma get my shine on
Ride on chrome, twenty inches or betta
Bet my bling on the Rolex with the bezel
Flossin' and shinnin' is somethin' I love ta do
Break bread wit my niggas who break bread wit me too

[Hook I: repeat 2X]

[Hook II: repeat 2X]
Stunna, rapper, thuggin at the same time
Hot Boy, hot like pepper at the same time
Bling bling it, I shine on at the same time
Who team, ridin' on chrome at the same time

[Turk talkin]
Rapper (rapper)
Thuggin (thuggin)
Look at the same time (at the same time)
Lil' Turk, Young & Thuggin' nigga
How You Luv Dat
How You Luv Dat

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