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Produced By: The Legendary Traxster

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[Verse 1: R. Kelly]
Sometimes I go fast, somtimes I just stop
Sometimes I take it slow, when I let the sex drop
But most of the time I go quick, when I'm hittin that shit
And she like it, she like it

But tonight she said she didn't want to go too fast
And tonight she said she wanted me to take my time

So I took her down and said "do you like that?", and she said "hell yeah"
Then hit it medium from the back, I said "it's cool" and she said "hell yeah"

She said "ooh baby, just take control baby
Long as you take it slow baby, then you can hit it all night baby"
She gave me the green, so I had to go, start screaming my name when I went low
And every time I started going real fast, she looked at me and said

[Hook: R. Kelly]
Yellow light x4
Gotta slow it down
Yellow light x4
Gotta slow it down
Yellow light

[Verse 2: Twista]
I told her that I wanted to beat it up fast, so lil mama let me know when to go
Tonight she don't want a drill session, she wanna feel it so she told me to take it slow

I'm so used to mackin it pokin it back to back when I'm attackin it I wanna go get in
She blew the whistle like "beep" be still, hold it in now roll it in

She lifted her palms to hold my face because she want me to control my pace
She said she wanna feel it all, slide through the windows of the wall cause the feeling was too cold away

Well I can break it down to 50, down to 40, down to 30
In the speed you want me to, I can do for you, shawty tell me how you want it

Do you want the lambo? I give it to you like uh uh uh uh uh when I do it baby
Or do you want the 64? I give it to you like uh uh when I do it baby

Now I was thinkin I was all up in it right, but now she got me caught up at the light, I try to call it like
Green, uh uh too fast, red uh uh, too slow, she want it in the middle so I gotta

[Hook: R. Kelly]
Yellow light x4
Gotta slow it down
Yellow light x4
Gotta slow it down
Yellow light

[Verse 3: Twista]
Now with a subtle way to soothe your soul, got her lovin the way I move the pole instead of rude and bold
I want her to see what it feel like when a playa break it down into cruise control and still rule the role

Never stuck in only one speed dick shift, in the stick shift I am not them dudes
It's not a jack rabbit, when I be tappin it I wanna slow it up and give it to her chopped and screwed

Come here shawty and let me knock them shoes, feel it sensual when I rock to the groove
Make it hot then cool, if you think you butter show her how to stutter, step, stop, then move
But I get not the order, narray canary and my flow is like a shop of horror
Scaryin berries whenever I rock with the R, Kelly in every position for power we slaughter

I'm petty like veli, I'm getting money cause I oughta
I tell the girl to slow down lil mama, cause you ain't gotta be so anxious
Going rapidly when you flex yo thighs, it's still good sex if your exercise your patience
We ain't gotta do it like we racin, cause all the time that ain't how I like it

Green, uh uh too fast, red uh uh too slow, I'm on the mid level so she gotta

[Hook: R. Kelly]
Yellow light x4
Gotta slow it down
Yellow light x4
Gotta slow it down
Yellow light

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