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[Verse 1: Tyga]
My Isis goddess, a peach garden
Sipping Merlot, beach bums, bumping Bob Marley
Reggae party, shirt Cavalli, dress highly
Highly infatuated, spending what you call life savings
Hi ladies, nice day, ain’t it?
South France be my new lady, canvas face paintings
If God were me, you’d be more jealous, the horny
I’d backtrack, hop on the right track with a new somebody

Now let’s back track two years, where I met you at
Night life, popping bottles, acting like you wasn’t impressed with that
That shit, I do for you, I never lack
Need that, got that, never did I second guess
Took you out that C-class, put you in that SLS
No more Southwest, now it’s like private jets
Now all you got is ex-roommates
Cause all you got now is too much room space, shoe space

Same page but a different day
Everything sweet, peace till a nigga be down and out
Same shit you said yesterday
Can’t take no more of your shit cause I can do better without you
I can do better without you

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Symbolic tattoos cover the scar
Heart tell 'em love move
Cause of you I’ll probably never accept what’s due
Except what’s due
, exempt from them nights I could’ve been single too
Moonlight dinner, dark denim
How we losing, we was up in the ninth inning

The night’s ending, attitude on a fire chariot
Ain’t too hilarious, find it embarrassing, you crazy bitch

All I wanted was pom poms, hug and a kiss
Thought you rooting for this team, saw you on some other shit
Acting out publicly, fans recording the shit
Why you can’t play your part and act accordingly?

I guess that’s all me, rubbing off on me
Rubbing off on you, now you got an ego, too
Tell her spread far like an eagle do
I don’t want nothing to do with you, I’m through with you


You never thought i’d do it, you never thought i’d leave you
You told me you loved me, but I never believed you
Your heart was false just like the words you said
Your stupid ass, corny lines trying to fill my head
Shit, caught up in your perfect world, you never heard me cry
That’s why you never expect to see me say goodbye
You know I’m better off without you
I can manage on my own, you can still have your perfect life
You could have it all alone, cause I’m better without you


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