Tyga – Don't Hate The Playa Lyrics

Produced By: David DA Doman

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[Verse 1]
Blam-blam with them Ninas
Turn-up like Tina
T-Raww in my speakers
She play with my balls like Venus
Cool nigga with a heater
Hot shots of tequila
I can make you a star
Put you in my features

Said I don’t take no breaks
So all my money be even

I don’t shop at IKEA
Got a beach house for the weekend
My bitch bad, that’s an understatement
Got a porno, might leak it
I Hail Mary to the deep end
I charge the pussy like defense
Crazy motherfucker -
How you in that Benz and you ain’t got cake?
Better use your legs, do what a pimp say
Even when I’m out of state, gotta keep ‘em in they place
I be like “pay’, ma’fucka”

Walk a day in my shadow, bet you won’t last
‘Cause a nigga move fast, gotta get that cash
Riding in a Cadillac with a big ‘ol ass

Don’t hate the player, ’cause your bitch chose me
Gettin’ super high, tryna stay low-key
Suicide my doors, Suicide my doors
Bad bitch of the year, you should win an award [x2]

[Verse 2]
I’m throwed again, I’m throwed again, I’m sippin’ lean
Got one gift, call her one gift
‘Cause she open up like Christmas Eve
She’s doin’ dome, that’s double-d’s
I play chess on them double-d’s

Hennessy, that’s my drink
You don’t drink? That’s more for me (more for me)

Tell me when you see a nigga this fly, don’t lie
Got a chauffeur ’cause the nigga don’t drive
Tryna drink drive time on my lifetime
(pass that loud)
Big beast and a nigga gon’ feast
And I got a new chick, and I told her “be easy”
Runnin’ through a hundred racks, nigga, that’s easy
It’s too easy – believe me


I must applaud, girl, you do it real well
Do it real well, do it, do it real well
Applaud that ass ’cause you clap it real well
Clap it real well, clap it, clap it real well
I love the way that she do it
Clap it real well
I love the way that she do it
Clap it, clap it real well
I love the way that she do it
Clap it, clap it real well
So go on, let me see you do it
Clap it, clap it real well


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