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I gotta make it
I gotta make it even if heaven or hell
I gotta make it
I gotta make it
I gotta make it

[Verse 1]
K-k-keep blinking as my mind flash
Right cash, pretty girls nice ass
This bitch is bad

I dream of pockets full of bands
But none at hand

Take pictures at the dealership
One day I'll buy that, bitch

Moving fast, girl get on my lap
Wish on a star on everything he asked
Whenever there's trouble, viola
Make the fingers snap
No magic out the hat

Tell baby bye bye, I'm never coming back

I gotta make it even if heaven or hell
I gotta make it even if heaven or hell
I gotta make it even if heaven or hell
I gotta make it
I gotta make it

[Verse 2]
Never stop seeing violence
Only stopping they'll do is for sirens

Loudmouths get silenced
I should riddle what I've seen
Community grief
For thinking you clean
They will drag you muddy from your feet

OGs mix Can coke with the Henny
OMG, put miles on caprice
So that their mouths could feed
They live through me
I'm the closest to TV
Who told you to change the channel?
I was watching, remote please

Niggas want what they can't have
This life will let you touch things that you can't grab

Explain it when you buried man
Until then, I take off and then I land
I'll be goddamned


Heaven, hell
Is it really real?
Would you give your life for this life?

[Verse 3]
Time is ticking for you lab-rats
And I'm a chemist with this mental, this is not rap
Bitch, I don't even laugh
Bitch, you can miss me with that gavel-jab

All you judge jury niggas just a fake act
I'm somewhere getting my stage on
Black super shades on
Hey y'all, aye y'all
Someone turn they swag on
I'm off the wrong road
So don't follow me home
You gotta learn how to walk on your own


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