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One Verse, One Hearse, Nigga Ha
Young Money

[Verse 1]

(Augh) I Don't Fuck Up
Fuck Around And Get Fucked Up

T-Gunna, Real Put Em 6 Unda
The Milf Huna, Fuck A Hot Sex Summa
Stay Stutting, Plus I Know The Real Stunna
Young Money Cash Money, Fuck A New Comma
She Need A Quick Come Up, Bitch Lick The Cum Up
Fucking Blogger, Said I Never Do Numbers
I Just Bought A Lamb, The Bitch 2hunnit

I Get Real Dizzy Dizzy, When I Spend Money
I RIP The Beat Yea Every Beat,Yea Mike Murder
Fuck A Court Order, Nigga Thats Your Daughter
I Just Ram'd On Her, Ol Kurt Warner
Y-Young Scholar, Coach Carter
Ice Cream Rules Everything Around Me
Haagen Dazs Shit, Diddy Bopping
Phantom Black Gotham, Screaming Fuck Gossip
Stutting In My Converse, Nigga

Ha Y-Y-Y-Yeah

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