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Man, I feel like, I'll win a Grammy, y'know?
I had a, a dream, y'knahmean?
Right now I'm livin the first scene, y'know?
This gon' be a long thank you, umm
Thank you to, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats
Casey Veggies, Super 3, Matt Martians
Mom, I love you, I made it!
The whole family, shit umm
Devon, Shaun, R.C., Juan
Chris, Robert, Randy, Aaron
Jasmine, Jackson, Taj, Grand
Christina, Milan, Geo, Yan
Ice, Skyler, Daniel, Mookie
Mars, Urbie, Josh, Jason
Domo, Katano, Brandun Deshay

Big ups to Soul Banana Crew
My whole Grind Time Family
Kicks Material, Ill Boss, Switch
Erykah Veggies, Casey Creation
You know all the blogs that held me down
Big ups to all my niggas at the DIRTY~! man
Dirty! Big ups to HypeBeast, all my niggas on Hype Crew
Got mad love for Hype Track
Thomas Warlowe what's good?
Eric Koston, K.B, old T.K. I mean the crazy one
Lizard King, I I remember when I first saw Brandon Biebel
Umm, y'know shoutout to Harold Hunter
That nigga, he he informs me so much
Darrell Stanton, yeah right Fully Flare, Baker 3
Mystery, take that, Atmosphere, Ride the Sky, Bakai
Umm Supreme - whattup to my Diamond Fam?
French Josh Rick I see you, BBC, Ice Cream
Ralph Lauren Peg Leg S, everybody at Media Arts
The best magazine in the world other than Odd Future
Mass Appeal, XXL, Thrasher
What's up to WingStop? The 212 bus
"In Search Of...", "Fly or Die", "Chronic 2001"
"The Love Below", "Wanderland", "Voodoo", "Pleasures U Like"
"Blueprint 2", "Lord Willin'", "Marshall Mathers LP"
"Baduizm", "Devil's Night", "Love Deluxe", "Diamond Life"
"Chemical Chords", "Urban Hang Suite", "Chrome Children"
"Customized Greatly", "Welcome", "Love Angel"
"A Funk Oddyssey", "Flood", "You Think You Really Know Me"
"Get Rich or Die Tryin'", "God's Son", "Gorillaz"
"Kid A", "The Hollywood Recordings", "In My Mind", "Justified"
"Juslisen", "Shades of Blue", "Mama's Gun", "Midnight Marauders,"
Uhh "Clones", "Off the Wall", "Rhythm & Gangsta", "Volume 1"
"Pronounced Jah-Nay", "Who's Jill Scott?", "Evolution Of", "Special Herbs"
"Tropea Blue", "Under the Cherry Moon", "We Got it 4 Cheap"
"Back to Black", "Word of Mouf", "The Documentary"
It's just so many to name man, umm
Adult Swim, uhh Fresh Prince, Magic School Bus, Reading Rainbow
90's Nick, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith
Terry Richardson, Square Pixel, Teena Tyrell
Krank, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, M'butu, Nixon, Reagan
Clinton, Obama, Mark Ryten, Rick Rotney, Tetris - what Sonic!
Grand Theft Auto, Mario, Salvador Dali
All the porn in the world
Belly, E.T., Dr. Seuss
And last but not least, you...

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