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[DJ Montay]
Yeah! One time it's your boy DJ Montay right
Representin that Oomp Camp~!
I got some niggas with me
DJ Unk, Yola the Great, and me myself of course man
We bearin up outta Oomp Camp, it goin down
If you don't give a fuck in this motherfucker put your middle fingers up
You don't give a fuck bout that other click nigga
You know what time it is
Ay ay ay!

Now put them middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck
Put them middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck {*3X*}
Fuck them haters, fuck them snitches (fuck 'em!) {*3X*}
Fuck them haters, fuck them snitches

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Nigga don't make 'em put them hands on you
Nigga don't make 'em pull them heaters on you
Nigga don't make us send the squad on you
Nigga cause we don't give a fuck about you

You talk a lot of shit, but can you back it up
Got 15's with red beams pointin out of trucks
Oh now you backin up, I tried to tell 'em man
You lookin sick, you out here Dodge'n like some Caravans
Oh please don't make me mad, I turn your smile to frown
I'ma put my middle finger up and start to countin down
It goes one don't make me, two three go off
Cause if I do, I'm gon' pop the trunk and reach for that sawed off
Yeah! Cause we ain't playin games, yeah I'm from that 4th Ward
Yeah! I'll find you dead on Bankhead up in Pull Apart{?}
Yeah! You pussy niggas scared, yeah Unk will pull your card
Fuck with that squad like some spades I'll cut your card
It pays the cost to be the boss like Rick Ross I'm hustlin
Fat stacks be doublin while other niggas be strugglin
I got them hands and them heaters nigga now who buckin
And I don't give a fuck nigga, better start duckin


Fuck you nigga! {*8X*}
You say motherfuck me? Naw motherfuck you! {*4X*}
Now rep your zone (represent) now rep your boys (repesent) {*4X*}
I just don't give a fuck {*8X*}
Pussy nigga!


[D.G. Yola]
Yeah I don't like you, cause you a fuck nigga (you a FUCK~!)
You lil' ho (you lil' ho) you old duck nigga (you a DUCK~!)
Yeah I don't like you, cause you a bitch nigga (you a BITCH~!)
You lil' snitch (you lil' snitch) you old fuck nigga (ha ha)
Yeah I don't fucks wit'cha cause you on that other shit
You don't fuck with me cause I'm on that gutter shit
You know my steelo, I don't give a fuck
When you see me, my middle finger up
I slap the taste out'cha mouth, for talkin sideways
Gon' introduce you to my motherfuckin 12 gauge
Hit 'em up, what's up, I dump and leave a sucker ass in pieces
Lil' bad ass nigga and nope, you you don't want to see me
They say I'm crazy, like I anm with them demons
We drankin and smokin, whylin and loc'n, and this what we screamin
Yeah, addict temper ho, yeah addict temper bitch!
Yeah, addict temper ho, yeah addict temper bitch!


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