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Yes, touched down in town again
You think about me now and then
Been missing my lover friend
Let's say we have a second round again

Ursher baby
I love all my friends)
[Verse 1]
Girl, it's been a while
So I thought I'd hit you up
You never left my mind
Let's pick it up where we left off
The last time I left you thirsty, baby
So let me fill you up

Yeah, it's been a minute
I know you miss the way we touch
You can think about it and want it
You don't wanna come across too anxious
Gonna see if you're ready for the second round
Girl, I'm in your town
Come over
Girl, don't let me down
I won't be here for long
I'll show you a good time
One that we will remember
Girl, give me your best
Expect none less, girl
[Verse 2]
Said you wouldn't but you did it
Oh girl

I can tell you don't regret it
'Cuz you ain't been touched like this
Since the last time
The feeling that I get
Everytime we connect
Oh, there it is
One more kiss
And I'm out
But I'll be back around
Baby, you can take a ride
If you want to

But I got a B.I
Handle some B.I
When I get back

Get ready for the second round

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